About Us

MLADE Production is troop of professional 2D/3D animators, visual effects artists, filmmakers and graphic designers. Over the years we have been working separately on various projects for Film&Television as freelancers. Working on many projects with musicians forced us to unite and create independent website specialized in music video production. For complex projects we put together a team of more professionals but here we will introduce the permanent members of our production:

Peter Mitic
Creative director / Concept artist

Peter is a experienced concept artist, creative person with whom you will chat about everything, from first ideas to final product.

Manel Tomashek
3D&Visual Effects Artist / Supervisor

Manel is 15 years experienced artist. Stellar work ethic, a gift for creativity and problem-solving. He is very experienced in any kind of promotional videos for music&TV.

Stephan Pavlovic
Graphic designer

Stephan is graphic designer. He specialize in logo design, graphic design for album covers and social media profiles and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

Kayla Carter
Marketing Manager

Kayla manage all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department. She is leader in digital marketing and media as well as product strategy.

Dani Jevtic
Motion Graphic/2D Animator

Dani is video specialist with over seven years of experience in all aspects of video production, with a focus in 2D animation, designing motion graphics and leading projects.

Session singer-songwriter

Highly recommended professional session singer-songwriter for your projects!
We have worked with Jovana on so many mutual projects. We are proud that she is the part of our team. If you need vocals, lyrics and top-line melody for your projects, visit her website www.singer-for-hire.com

We know how hard it is for some musicians, bands to find budgets. That’s why we have music video packages with affordable prices! We also have many different variations of music videos, so you choose what you like the most. All of our music videos are shot in full HD and are delivered in a YouTube and Vimeo-ready HD format. Beside music video production, our clients can enjoy in big aspect of graphic design services too.