What Is a Lyric Video?

A "must" in music business?

July 27, 2020 by MLADE PRODUCTION

What. It. Connects.

LYRIC VIDEO is a type of animated music video that focuses on showing the lyrics as the song is played. Creative animated backgrounds/scenes behind the lyrics and other animated elements that suit the theme of the song are also very important. Lyric Videos are pretty interesting type of content, which is getting even more popular with the time. Top artists and labels are already using it massively.

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It is extremely important for artists to understand just how popular a lyric video can become. Lyric video today is a must in music business but it’s not only about promotion. Lyric videos give fans some insight on what a new album or song will be about. It connects fans with the song but also with the artists work as they are not used only for learning the lyrics. Visual content of lyric video will also attract audience to follow you as a music artist. Constant creation of high-quality and creative content is the success for promotion on social networks!


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There are many ways of making a lyric video, but certainly the most important thing is being original. The thing is, if you want to succeed in a field of thousands (billions!) of highly competitive and talented people, your videos need to be original as you are original when creating your music. Whether it’s a classic music video or any type of animated video, originality and creativity should not be lacking. The best option is always a custom production which gives you plenty of space for creative direction. Custom Lyric Video companies have creative directors which you can advise with about your ideas/wishes for particular song. Whether you have ideas or not, custom lyric video company will make a lyric video specialized for your song’s genre and theme. This kind of custom video will have a special touch and more chances for success in promotion.

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If you need custom LYRIC VIDEO for your song, we are here to help you! We can make custom Lyric Video that will suit your genre and lyrics. We don’t use templates! The creative direction for lyric videos is usually very open and we have 5 different packages. Each package offers custom creation (custom scenes, fonts, colors, animated elements, effects, and more). The amazing thing is that you can TRY US OUT FOR FREE. Before any payment we can send you 10 seconds of Lyric Video for your song. You can purchase only if you like the sample! After final delivery you have unlimited and free revisions. Also, for every ordered Lyric Video you get several gifts and discounts.
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